Company Profile

Issues of last mile connectivity and traffic congestion have been deterring the pace of life for citizens of Delhi. The latter has assumed such significant proportions so as to impact the pollution levels of the country in a detrimental way.  Responding to the urban travails of modern commuters, Pillion is a Delhi-based two-wheeler electric bike taxi service company.  With a special focus on the go green concept, the company offers eco-friendly bikes as an affordable mobility solution. This serves as a viable and sustainable means of transport to ease the local transition problems on a daily basis.

Pillion is the brainchild of Nikhil Malik, Karan Chadha and Pawneesh Rampal. The capital’s Fight Against Pollution through initiatives like odd-even rule, Car Free Days and use of public transportation, spurred this ambitious team of four to roll out a greener way of supporting such initiatives. By setting up Delhi’s first two-wheeler electric taxi service, they are aiming at helping the city commuters to know the advantages of switching over to zero polluting Electric Mobility and reach last mile destinations to and from a public point such as metro stations or a busy bus terminal. Targeting primarily the single office goers, students and general commuters, Pillion has launched its services from the heart of the city, Connaught Place with 20 battery operated bikes equipped with in-built GPS. Further, in terms of safety measures, the company will insure the passengers as well as the drivers while they are riding, by giving them a fully comprehensive insurance of up to Rs 1 lakh each. Meanwhile, all riders at Pillion undergo stringent background verification and training on aspects of safety, etiquette, efficiency and hygiene. Commuters will further be provided with disposable hair nets to use underneath the full face helmets.

The bootstrapped company also emphasizes on the concept of Make in India and Digital India to make lives easier for people. Thus, by aspiring to increase its fleet by adding 500 battery-operated bikes in another 6 months and 10,000 electric bikes in the coming 3 years, Pillion will open up new vistas of employment opportunities for riders. In an attempt to improve the employment situation, Pillion is envisioning to position itself as the future leader of eco-friendly two wheeler taxi services in the capital’s mass public transportation space.